Introducing DREAMScope for iOS

From the creators of the the best selling kaleidoscope screen saver for the PC and Mac comes DREAMScope Kaleidoscope for iOS.

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DREAMScope animates intricate kaleidoscope images in waves of rich, colorful detail. Even the simplest change to one of its many interactions will create profoundly beautiful variations.

Always unique and original, every psychedelic pattern develops in real time while you watch.

DREAMScope's infinite transformations continuously grow breathtaking, meditative designs that are never identical.


DREAMScope is an interactive digital kaleidoscope

Multiple Themes

DREAMScope has multiple kaleidoscope themes included with new themes being added at no additional cost.

Built for Enthusiats

Built by kaleidoscope enthusiasts for kaleidoscope enthusiasts.



Short of taking a deep breath and curling itself up by a fire, your screen will never seem as vibrantly alive as it does when it's running DREAMScope.

Pure & Simple

Touch, tilt, rotate and shake. It's that simple.

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From the creators of the best selling kaleidoscope screensaver

"Many kaleidoscopic screen savers are available, but Dream Scope is so satisfying and spectacular that there is no need to list another." --Cozy Baker

Kaleidoscope Artistry (p. 143) (C) 2002 Cozy Baker


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